A vibrant capital buzzing with commercial activity, Malé is not just a city, it's the address of dreams and ambitions. That's just why, almost one third of the nation's population call Malé its home. Malé island is the hear of all commercial activities in the country. This contributes to the central island being heavily urbanised. It is not just the commercial capital, it is a threshold to a bright and successful future.
Not just that, it is also the centre of administration and bureaucracy, making it the preferred choice for the short-term residents of Maldives, and Expats. Owing to the high opportunity, the demand for the real estate in Malé is at an all time high and promises to continue growing in the years to come. Not surprisingly, real estate in Malé is always the safest and surest investment one can make, given the classy tastes and a fondness to retail and buying behaviour of Malé's residents.